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Remodeling trends show luxury products leading the way in home improvement marketplace

Last month, we discussed the many ways in which San Diego homeowners can combine custom goods and services for a successful kitchen remodel. Now, the latest remodeling trends suggest that 2012 may be a big year for luxury remodeling projects across the board. From new kitchens to full-scale renovations, homeowners polled in the Fall 2012 Remodeling Sentiment Report from RemodelOrMove.com indicated an interest in more expensive products and projects of significantly greater scope than in years past. As the housing market continues to improve, buoyed by stronger stock market numbers and historically low interest rates, homeowners appear ready to tackle long-deferred home improvements. And while high-quality products are always a smart investment, it is important to remember that an experienced contractor is every homeowner’s best insurance for a successful remodeling experience.

Recent coverage of the Fall 2012 Remodeling Sentiment Report indicates a number of highlights from the survey, with homeowners’ apparent preference for more luxurious home products leading the way among this year’s “noteworthy” trends. Evidence of this consumer shift appears in a variety of sectors, including the number of homeowners who claim to be using “expensive” products (at its highest rate since 2008), projected costs for remodeling ventures (coming in at an average estimate of $100,000), the scale of these ventures (encompassing an average of at least three rooms) and the number of respondents planning to hire a contractor (coming to 73%, the highest rate since 2006).

Other factors indicating the consumer shift toward luxury remodeling projects include a focus on kitchen remodeling — considered by most to be an inessential project as compared to necessary bathroom remodels or additions – and also a simple increase in the number of wealthy homeowners planning home improvements in the coming months. Considered together, these factors suggest that, for some homeowners, a high-end remodel may serve as an alternative to purchasing a new home. For those who love their current home or neighborhood, but still want to add a personal touch or additional space to the property, remodeling is an ideal choice. All it takes is some smart planning and the help of an experienced contractor to offer advice and assistance transforming a homeowner’s vision into reality.

At Murfey Construction, we pride ourselves on providing top quality construction and contracting services to help our San Diego clients create the homes of their dreams. From basic consulting to design/plan work to full-scale execution and construction, our experienced team is your one-stop source for remodeling projects of every size and scope. To find out more about top trending home products and services, or to discuss a project with our team, get in touch today: visit www.murfeyconstruction.com.


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